The Noreva Laboratory is a French dermatological laboratory on a human scale which benefits from 20 years of expertise in dermatology. Present in more than 80 countries, Noreva is a reference in the world of dermatology with innovative products.



With 20 years of skincare and innovation the strength of Noreva is a personalized approach to dermo-cosmetics where everyone, regardless of their skin type, age, skin problem will find a suitable solution.

The Noreva brand is passionate about the study of the skin, its complex relationships with the rest of the body, and its development over the life span. Noreva aims to offer each generation and skin type with a dermatological reference that is guaranteed to offer results.

The products from the Noreva Laboratory are very satisfying. It’s no coincidence, they are developed following the original concept of the skin-body-mind triad

This means that Noreva treatments are not only designed as “skin treatments”, but also as vectors of overall well-being. Thanks to this virtuous circle, the idea is to “Feel better about yourself, your body and your head”. And this is reflected in the strong satisfaction of consumers


Elcéa Coloration Experte

An expert in pharmacy hair care for over 20 years, Laboratoires Elcéa have the demands of women close to the heart of their concerns and develop colours that reveal the natural beauty of hair in an entirely safe way.

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