Citronnelle De Java (Java Citronnella)Huile Essentielle Bio 10ml


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Originating from Indonesia, it also grows in China, Vietnam, Nepal and in different regions of Africa or the Caribbean.

✓ 100% pure and natural: No solvents, no fillers, no synthetic fragrances
✓ 100% Organic: Produced by organic agriculture

Aroma: Lemony and slightly peppery scent

EOBBD Essential Oil Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined.


Citronella essence must always be used diluted on the skin.


Do not use in: pregnant or breast-feeding women, children under the age of three years, persons allergic to one of the components (citronnellal, geranial, geraniol, limonene, neral), subjects with asthma without the advice of an allergologist before the first use.


Air repellent Pour 20 drops of essence of citronella into a diffuser to repel mosquitoes. Use preferably with geranium in equal parts for greater efficacy. Also spray on tablecloths and clothing.

Skin repellent
10 drops of essence of citronella, 10 drops of essential oil of geranium, 20 drops of neutral palnt oil. Mix the oils and place on the exposed parts of the body. Repeat the application or diffusion every two hours.

Cleansing the air, bad smells (tobacco, etc.)
Diffuse citronella essence in the air or spray on clothing or tablecloths.

Insect bite
Place 1 drop of essence of citronella on each bite.

5 drops of essence of citronella, 10 drops of arnica plant oil. Apply by massaging twice daily.


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