Dietaroma Ampoules C.I.P DESMODIUM


The extract of Desmodium highly concentrated helps relieve your liver is strong when requested and promotes good liver function.
20 amp. x 10 ml

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Ease your liver with the IPC Desmodium Forté : This Integral Concentrate Plant (CIP) offers all the benefits of the extract of Desmodium in a product that has a maximum concentration of active ingredients, thanks to a patented gentle extraction process and the use of plants in their entirety.

Desmodium is traditionally used to support healthy liver function.
The CIP Desmodium Forté is a useful treatment in all situations where your liver is very much in demand (fast food, stress, hectic life …).

Bulb CIP Forté brings you Desmodium Desmodium 1800 mg (dry plant equivalent).