Dietaroma Ampoules C.I.P. RELAXATION Mélisse, rhodiola, marjolaine BIO


You feel stressed? The combined action of these three assets highly concentrated plants promotes relaxation and the return of serenity.
20 amp. x 10 ml

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Keep calm with the IPC Relaxation

This Integral Concentrate Plant (CIP) contains a combination of plant extracts that have a maximum concentration of active ingredients using a patented extraction process fresh and the use of plants in their entirety.

Thanks to the combined action of three plants with calming (lemon balm, marjoram, rhodiola), CIP Relaxation helps soothe the stress and pressure of daily generated by the personal and professional requirements.

Bulb CIP brings Relaxation (Dry plant equivalent):
850 mg Melissa
850 mg of Marjolaine
300 mg of Rhodiola.