Plug-in Gentle Heat Diffuser For Essential Oils


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The Plug-in Gentle Heat Diffuser for essential oils brings you all the well-being of aromatherapy wherever you are.

Simply pour Puressentiel® essential oils or one of the Puressentiel® Diffusion Blends into the metallic pan provided for this purpose. The gentle heat diffusion system perfectly preserves the properties of the essential oils and does not denature them.

Its secure lid makes it perfect for everyday use in complete serenity and it integrates seamlessly into your living and working environments (house, office, hotel, medical surgery, beauty salon, waiting room, sports hall, etc.).

Its silent operation makes it ideal for diffusion all night long: it will stop automatically after eight hours of diffusion.
During use, the ON-OFF button displays a blue light to indicate that it is in operation. Works in all 230V sockets.


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