Sensidiane Soothing Serum 30ml


Instant and long-lasting relief and protection.




Highly concentrated in NeutrazenTM Pro, Sensidiane® intensive Soothing Serum effectively meets the needs of the most intolerant and ultra-sensitive skin. Its instant and long-lasting action brings relief, protection and hydration to sensitive skin. After only 7 days of twice-daily application, the skin is significantly less reactive.

Sensidiane® intensive Serum can be used on specific skin aggressions, as an intensive treatment, or in the long term. Its fine and light texture is fast-absorbing without leaving an oily film on the skin. For optimal results, use the Serum in combination with the Intolerant Skin products of the Sensidiane® range and with Sensidiane® Eye Care.

The skin reflects our emotions. Discomfort, flushing, stinging and itching are the signs of sensitive or intolerant skin that can sometimes be a daily annoyance and create problems in our relationships with others.

A pioneer in the world of sensitive skin, Sensidiane is the first range of soothing neurocosmetics providing sensitive and intolerant skin with immediate and lasting relief while also moisturizing the skin and offering essential nutrition. #GénérationBiendansMaPeau

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