An advanced dermo-cosmetic expertise for high-quality, effective and safe skincare.

“All Noreva products comply with a strict code of ethics guaranteeing their effectiveness and harmlessness.”

The skin reflects our state of mind, our moods and our general health. As such, it is our most sensitive organ.

Present in some 65 countries, Noreva is a French brand which represents some 105 products, developed by a group of dermatologists, passionate about studying the skin and complexities, thereafter, decided to create the Noreva dermatological laboratories in the 1980s. The main objective was to provide a solution for each generation using leading dermatological skincare, thus taking into account a holistic approach to the skin well-being along with the natural connections between the skin, body and mind.

This is how the #GenerationBienDansMaPeau was born.

This vision redefines the codes of dermo-cosmetics with high-tolerance skincare products combining effective results, a sensory experience and well-being, suited to all generations: from infants to teenagers, young adults to the elderly.


15 years of skincare and innovation


With the 17 patents, Noreva products are subject to clinical efficacy tests performed under dermatological supervision by certified and independent external bodies; each test is governed by a strict set of protocols and original assessment methods.

ISO Certification

There is nothing more important than safety and quality. All products from the Noreva range are developed in ISO-certified factories meeting the requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical sector. In order to ensure maximum safety, strict checks are performed on the raw materials and across all stages of production.

Elcéa Coloration Experte (Part of Noreva)

An expert in pharmacy hair care for over 20 years, Laboratoires Elcéa have the demands of women close to the heart of their concerns and develop colours that reveal the natural beauty of hair in an entirely safe way.

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