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Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment Shampoo kills lice, larvae and nits and leaves hair clean, in one step. Its gentle formula with coconut plant oil acts mechanically by obstructing the respiratory tracts. The lice are unable to develop resistance due to the asphyxiation mechanism. TREATS: 100% effective on lice, larvae, nits. Active from 30 minutes – From the first use1. A fine-toothed comb is included to help remove the dead larvae, nits and lice. In vivo test: clinical study conducted in real-life conditions, on patients aged 3 to 15 with lice. CLEANSES: Its foaming cleansing base nourishes, soothes and respects the scalp and hair. Thanks to its covering texture, the Treatment Mask Shampoo is easy to apply and does not run onto the face or into the eyes, guaranteeing ideal use. It leaves hair shiny and easy to comb.


Read carefully the notice before use. Use on dry hair, preferably distangled. Do not add water.
1/ Apply evenly in sufficient quantity, in order to cover the whole hair and scalp, from the roots to the ends.
2/ Massage in order to penetrate the mask in the hair. Insist near the ears, the neck and the forehead.
3/ Leave on for 30 minutes.
4/ Slightly wet the hair, then massage to lather.
5/ Rinse carefully the hair.
6/ Separate the hair strand by strand. Comb with the lice comb strand by strand, from the root to the ends. Between each passage, shake the comb in the sink, rinse with water and wipe it with a brush or a cloth in order to get it of the parasites.
Indicative quantity necessary to the application : 1 tube = 2 treatments on medium to long hair et until 4 applications on short hair.
¹ : Repeat 3 days after the first use and start again 7 days after the first application if necessary.


Do not use on children under 18 months. Avoid any contact with eyes or mucosas. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with clear water. External use. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of light and heat. Risk of slipping in case of projection on a smooth surface. Indication: To eliminate the lice, nits and larvae.


Coco vegetable oil.

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