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AQUAREVA® Lip Balm intensely nourishes and protects the lips from external aggressions.

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AQUAREVA® Lip Balm intensely nourishes and protects the lips from external aggressions (dryness, cracking, etc.). Thanks to its various active ingredients, it repairs the lips and calms feelings of discomfort. Its pleasant texture and vanilla flavour make it a pleasure to use and bring instant comfort. The lips become soft and supple, while enjoying daily protection.

Water, the original element of purity, is not only a source of life and radiance: it also has obvious positive effects on the skin’s beauty. Every day, the skin must cope with multiple aggressions changing its natural balance: it gets dehydrated, becomes uncomfortable, loses its radiance and feels tight.

The Noreva Laboratories have developed Aquareva, the first 24h hydro-replenishing range, to provide the skin with vital water, protect its balance and restore its natural hydration processes. Enriched with glacier water pearls, Aquareva has been formulated to take care of the basics using an innovative formulation suited to all skin types and enabling the use of the latest technological advances, for example to prevent the effects of blue light exposure. #GénérationBiendansMaPeau

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Lip Care for Dehydrated Skin


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