Cedre De L’atlas (Atlas Cedar) Huile Essentielle Bio 5ml


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Cedrus atlantica
Atlas Cedar ( Cedrus atlantica ) is a large tree of the Pinaceae family, originally from North Africa (Moroccan Atlas).


Altas Cedar essential oil should not be used in high doses or for an extended period. (presence of ketones). The oral use is limited to to 1 drop 4 times a day during 3 days (presence of ketones, unpleasant taste). The olfactory route is is limited to 5 minutes.


Do not use : in pregnant or breastfeeding women, in children under 7, in people allergic to any of those components, in asthmatics without the advice of an allergist
in the epileptic people or people having a history of convulsive disorders.


Itchy scalp
Blend 9 drops with Atlas Cedar essential oil in 30 ml of St. John’s Wort plant oil (or sweet almond in case of sun exposure). Apply twice a week in a hair mask, leave for 20 to 30 minutes before shampooing.

Moth repellent
Inside the wardrobe, put 5 drops of Atlas Cedar essential oil on a piece of wood, a pebble or a tissue.

Productive cough
Blend 3 or 4 drops of Atlas Cedar essential oil in 8 drops of sweet almond plant oil, massage the thorax and the soles of the feet with this blend morning and evening for 5 to 7 days.

Always seek advise from your pharmacist or GP.


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