Ampoules C.I.P. BEAUTÉ – PEAU NETTE Bardane, ortie, grenade BIO


Dull skin, blemishes? Make clear skin with these three highly concentrated plant extracts that act in concert to purify and illuminate your complexion.
20 amp. x 10ml

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Enjoy your even complexion with PIC net Skin: CIP Net Skin – Integral Concentrate Plant (Burdock, Nettle, Grenada) BIO, 20 vials :This Integral Concentrate Plant (CIP) contains a combination of plant extracts that have a maximum concentration of active ingredients using a patented extraction process fresh and the use of plants in their entirety.

You suffer from dull skin, blemishes, pimples? Thanks to the combined action of burdock, nettle and of Grenada, CIP net skin stimulates the elimination of toxins and promotes the return of a skin clean, pure and healthy.

Bulb net CIP brings Skin (Dry plant equivalent):
667 mg Burdock
667 mg Nettle
667 mg of Granada.

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20 amp. x 10 ml