Dietaroma Ampoules C.I.P. SOMMEIL Valériane, passiflore, escholtzia BIO


Thanks to the combined action of four highly concentrated extracts of plants, CIP Natural Sleep hunting tension and stress to prepare for a good night.

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Sleep well with PIC Natural Sleep

This Integral Concentrate Plant (CIP) contains a combination of plant extracts that have a maximum concentration of active ingredients using a patented extraction process fresh and the use of plants in their entirety.

The professional pressures of everyday stress, nervousness … are all factors that can make your sleep difficult.
Thanks to the combined action of valerian, passionflower of, Poppy and Escholtzia, CIP Natural Sleep soothes your tension to facilitate sleep and affording you a quality sleep.

Bulb CIP natural sleep brings you (Dry plant equivalent):
500 mg of valerian
500 mg Passionflower
500 mg Poppy
500 mg of Escholtzia.
Industry mastered, 100% Local:
Dietaroma engages the Phytolia association offer you Plants Integral Concentrate from French chains or mastered when local supply is not possible.
put forward a traditional know-how and one territory, the Val de Loire, the first French region producing medicinal plants.
passionate farmers who work every day in respect of plants and their territories.
= A product with 100% plant derived from a French production.
Cure of 20 days or less, renewable:
Shake the vial before opening.
Take 1 ampoule per day (before the meal), diluted in a glass of water.
Increase the dose recommended by a therapist.

Note: given the all-natural side of the product and its very high concentration of plants, a deposit is possible. It does not affect the quality of the product.