Hélichryse (Helichrysum) Huile Essentielle Bio 5ml


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Helichrysum italicum
Helichrysum is a member of the Asteraceae family. There are more than three hundred herbaceous or shrub species. The yellow flowers dry and keep a beautiful appearance for a long time, which leads to the name of helichrysum combining sun (helios) and gold (chrysos).


Essential oil of helichrysum contains ketones which may be neurotoxic and abortive. It should only used sparingly and with caution, on prescription by a specialist.


Do not use in: pregnant or breast-feeding women, children under the age of six years, persons allergic to one of the components (limonene), subjects with asthma without the advice of an allergologist before the first use. in case of anticoagulant treatment, abundant menstruation or in haemophiliacs.


Bruising, lump
Apply gently 2 to 3 drops of pure helichrysum on the bruise and repeat the application two to three times every ten minutes. For children, dilute the mixture with equal parts of arnica carried oil.

Mix 2 drop of essential oil of helichrysum in 20 drops of wheat germ or St. John’s wort oil. Massage the areas concerned.

Skin disorders: acne rosacea, fissures, plastic or cosmetic surgery recovery.
Apply 2 or 3 drops of essential oil of helichrysum on injured or infected skin, pure on a small surface or diluted in 20 or 30 drops of essential oil of arnica if the surface is larger.


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