Natural Wood Nebuliser Diffuser


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The Nebulizer Diffuser uses the system of the cold nebulization which does not denature the essential oils , and thus preserves their qualities and their active principles.

Perfect for small and large surfaces , It is used everywhere (house, office, hotel, medical office, beauty salon, waiting room, gym …) whatever the space. This diffuser blown glass and natural wood Brazilian Hevea (from forests not threatened) does not heat so as not to distort the essential oils. Small, compact and design, it is easy to use and perfectly secure.

This diffuser of essential oils has a built-in timer and two diffusion rates, with an automatic shutdown after one hour to enjoy the essential oils in peace.

Advice for use and dosage
For perfect diffusion, remember to clean your verrine 1 to 2 times a month.
The 3-position switch: Position (0) for “off”, position (I) low diffusion rate for a volumetric power of about 60m², position (II) high diffusion rate for a volumetric power of 100 to 120 m², with built-in timer as soon as the device is turned on (2 minutes on, 1 minute pause, automatic shut-off after one hour).
We recommend that you only release 100% pure and natural essential oils biochemically and botanically defined from the Puressentiel Expert range, or Puressentiel diffusion complexes.


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