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Puressentiel Plug-in Ultrasonic Diffuser Clip & Diffuse is a diffuser using ultra-sonic system that allows the diffusion of essential oils by subtle sprays of aromatic mist in the room.

Practical and easy to use, you simply screw the essential oil directly on the plug-in. It is adapted to every Puressentiel essential oils or diffusion blend flasks, thereby allowing you to adapt your olfactory ambiance in a flash. Smart, this rotative plug-in system with 4 positions allows to adapt to all wall plugs. It is ideal for a peaceful daily use and fits perfectly in your places of life (house, office, holidays).

Silent, it has 3 types of diffusion: Intense, moderate and night (Night mode is especially recommended in case of small invaders during summer evenings).

Power supply: 230V, 50Hz, 10W MAX.

Read the package leaflet before use.
Screw the Puressentiel essential oils flask or diffusion blend flask (5-10 and 30ml) directly onto the diffuser without removing the dropper.
We recommend that you only broadcast ready-to-use diffusion mixes or 100% pure and natural botanically and biochemically defined essential oils from the Puressentiel range.
Indication: Essential oils diffuser by ultra-sounds.