Respiratory Honey-Lemon Lozenges


These honey-lemon lozenges help to soothe and soften the throat in case of hoarseness and tired vocal cords.

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The first signs of winter, temperature fluctuations and voice strain (singers, teachers, public speakers, sports coaches, etc.) can be hard on the throat and vocal cords.

The Puressentiel Honey-Lemon lozenges are indicated to relieve throat discomfort in the event of hoarseness and soothe tired vocal cords (erysimum).

  • 100% NATURAL FORMULA: combine the traditional properties of lemon and honey essential oils with erysimum, known for its soothing action.
  • Relieves throat discomfort in the event of hoarseness¹
  • SOOTHING ACTION: Soothes tired vocal cords¹
  • BEES PROTECTION: when purchasing this product, a donation is made to the beekeepers association for the protection of bee populations in Europe (called ‘ un toit pour les abeilles’)
  • From 7 years.

20 Lozenges

¹Erysimum extract – Lemon essential oil – Honey


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