Zeniac LP Keratoregulating Treatment 30ml


Active care for the reduction of blackheads and pimples

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Noreva Zeniac LP is an active care for the reduction of blackheads and pimples.

• Reduction of blackhead formation • Skin Smoothing • Talgregulierend • Germ retardant • Hydrating • Long-term effect and excellent compatibility with micro-sponges with prolonged release of active ingredient • Mattierend

Zeniac Lotion facilitates the removal of the horny Plug and moderates his training through the conjugated to an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), lactate and ammonium acid slicylique, active Exfoliating and regulatory properties. Its formula actually care especially suitable to backs, shoulders and torso. Zeniac smoothes normal and fatty blemished skin and keeps it supple. Combinations of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), salicylic acid and ammonium lactate optimize the sebum flow and prevent blackhead formation.

A delayed release of active ingredients from simultaneously mattifying micro-sponges and the lasting hydrating effect of ammonium lactate explain the good compatibility of Zeniac, which is also ideal for supplementing any acne therapy.

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30 ml

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Skin prone to imperfections


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