Encens (Incense) Huile Essentielle 5ml


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Boswellia sacra
Incense is a resin that exudes from a tree of the Burseraceae family (genus Boswellia), which can reach three metres. It is native of the southern Arabic peninsula (sultanate of Oman and Yemen) and from the horn of Africa (Somalia).


Incense essential oil must always be diluted with carrier oil for external use.


Do not use in: pregnant or breast-feeding women, children under the age of six years, persons allergic to one of the components (geraniol, linalool, limonene), subjects with asthma without the advice of an allergologist before the first use, prolonged use in persons with kidney problems.


Weak immune defences
3 drops of essential oil of frankincense, 3 drops of essential oil of true lavender pure or diluted in 10 drops of sweet almond or calophyllum plant oil. Apply on the chest two to three times daily for three weeks.

Nervous depression
Take 1 drop of essential oil of frankincense on a neutral tablet, sugar lump or in a spoonful of honey, morning, noon and evening, fifteen minutes before the meal, for three months.

Place 1 drop of essential oil of frankincense around a small wound.

Prepare a fumigation by pouring 3 drops of essential oil of frankincense into boiling water. Breath to clear the respiratory tract


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